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Modernist Alpine Dry Gin represents the transformation of the ancient recipe for gin into a unique contemporary approach to creating a Modern Dry Gin. The source of the exceptional taste of Modernist Gin is a selection of more than 20 botanicals, primarily from the alpine landscapes of Switzerland, France, and Italy, supplied by local growers with a passion for quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship.


Some of the botanicals used in Modernist Dry Gin are, juniper from nothern Italy, gentian blossom, gentian root and spruce needle from the Bernese Alps, flag root, angelica root and alpine coriander from the Central Alps of Switzerland, lemon balm, orange mint, apple mint, elderflower, elderberry and meadow clary from Central Switzerland, rosemary, lavender, basil and birch leafs from the Swiss Jura Mountains.


A legendary master distiller in the heart of undulating hills of lush forests and fragrant fields in the Swiss Jura Mountains distills the Modernist Gin in small batches in a traditional copper still.The fusion of flavours achieved through slow and gentle maceration of exceptional handpicked alpine botanicals in pure grain spirit from Switzerland and traditional distillation release the taste of alpine landscape into the unique flavor of Modernist Alpine Dry Gin.


A balance of herbal, floral, and fruity flavors, as well as the mellow roundness accompanied by a slight bitterness, characterize Modernist Gin. Modernist Alpine Dry Gin meets the London Dry Gin standards.


Modernist Alpine Dry Gin, 44% vol. 0.7L


Fabricando Fabri Fimus

 iuniperorum - coriandri album - gentian radix - angelicae radix - nuces - ocimum -  montem piperis

 roris - sapiens album - alpini thymum - aurantiaco mint -applemint- lemon excorio - gingiber radixbetula folia

 piceis acus - elder folia - bacarum - liquiritiae radix - casia - sambuci flos